About Me:

Hello! I am Aradhana, a Visionary Technology Entrepreneur from India. I have completed my M.Tech in Medical Nanotechnology with a focus on pharmaceuical advancement.I got a wonderful fully-funded opportunity to pursue my Master Thesis from Universitat de Barcelona, Spain on photodynamic therapy. I have had a great deal of practical knowledge in drug delivery systems using nanotechnology for the treatment of cancer during my graduate studies.

Right after my graduation, I worked with an R&D centre in India EinNext Biosciences as a Research Assistant during which I learnt to render the DICOM images obtained from CT/MRI scans to a three dimensional image and analyse the abnormalities in the anatomy, to validate the patient-specific 3D models and find exact solution for the failure or fatigue of an implant using different solvers and also analyse structurally various biomolecules using image processing software. I have also contributed in writing research papers for CMBBE – 2016, Israel during my tenure at EinNext, which got selected to be published in peer-reviewed journals.

I am currently working with Kerala Startup Mission, an initiative by Kerala State Government as a Technology Innovation Fellow 2017-2018, whose activities include evangelizing technology awareness, developing entrepreneurial skills among young minds and motivating them to become a successful entrepreneur.

Influenced by the ambience of computational biology at EinNext, I am interested to venture into Synthetic Biology, hence joined Bio-academy 2017 to enhance my knowledge and skills to contribute to solve the most pressing problems faced by the medical world.

My Assignments at Bioacademy

Please check the links below for the weekly assignments.

  • Principles and Practises
  • Bio Design
  • Next Generation Synthesis
  • Bio Production
  • Biomolecule sensors
  • Synthetic Minimal cells
  • Gut Microbiome
  • 3D Bioprinting
  • Synthetic Development Bio
  • Principles of FISSEQ
  • DNA Paint
  • Gene Drives
  • Genome Engineering

  • Final Presentation for Bioacademy

    Final Presentation